3 Reasons Why You Should Declutter Weekly

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The first step to simplifying your life is getting rid of all the unused clutter. The sad truth is that this stuff piles up overtime, so it’s a no-brainer that decluttering shouldn’t be done overnight. If you take it all on in one go you’ll probably get overwhelmed. This leads to giving up and spending the rest of the night over-indulging in wine (maybe that’s just me). Taking it bit by bit allows for a clearer decision-making mind and an overall better confidence towards the whole event. A week by week basis works well for me because its long enough for me to properly declutter, but frequent enough that the process wont take a lifetime. Here are three reasons why you should make the effort to declutter weekly:

1. You Can Focus More On Certain Areas

If you decide to take on getting rid of most of your wardrobe, the majority of your makeup, and a good amount of your book collection, ODDS ARE you will make some rash, regretful decisions. On one end you could get rid of too much and end up losing of something you actually valued. On the other, you could make no progress at all and end up talking yourself into keeping those 4 never-used bright pink lipsticks that you are sure you will pull off one day. Seeing the piles of stuff you are getting rid of could also freak you out causing you to abandon the whole thing. The better option? Pick something once a week be it your bathroom vanity or your sock drawer and focus entirely on that. It will allow you to keep level headed so you can make rational decisions. If you finish an area fairly quickly, take on another small project for the week! The key is to not overwhelm yourself.

2. You Might Unearth Forgotten Messes

Ok so you might not find a dead cat under a pile of old linens shoved in a closet (sorry for the visual) but you could come across some other messy situations that require extra TLC. It’s very common that you will find your cupboards and drawers need a good wipe, and you probably will stumble across some forgotten stains or surface flaws that need to be scrubbed down. Cleaning and decluttering go hand in hand so spending the same amount of time on both is pretty expected. Although endless hours of sorting and scrubbing may appeal to some, it definitely doesn’t float my cluttered, dirty boat. Focusing on smaller projects every week will grant you the time to get that extra cleaning done without going crazy.

3. Your Wallet Will Thank You

You’ve managed to completely purge your house of old unused items that just don’t work for you anymore in one go (tell me your secrets), but now are left with next to nothing. If you are making the decision to replace previous large amounts of cheap stuff with smaller amounts of high quality items, changing your lifestyle to something more ethical or even just purging to welcome a refreshing change you will need to dip into the bank account. If I did that all in one go my friendly neighbourhood bank would just laugh at my face. Breaking it up into smaller portions will allow you to keep financially afloat and better plan out your purchases. This also gives you a better chance to grow into your new lifestyle gradually.



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