3 Fillers Cluttering Your Closet

Alexa Mazzarello

You wake up, roll out of bed and groan at your closet stuffed full to the brim with unappealing fabrics. After fingering around for awhile you give up and pick up that shirt you wore yesterday. Next you pull on those jeans that somehow always seem to be ‘clean’. At work you grumble about never being able to find anything to wear, and carry out your day. Next morning, repeat. The reason we have this daily struggle is because we are stockpiling clothes that we never wear and don’t actually like – fillers. Here are 3 fillers that are probably cluttering your closet right now:

The Memory Lane’s

Think about the time that you started to give a shxt about how you looked. Maybe it was in high school, maybe it was after. Regardless, this was when you found your initial style and felt somewhat good about it. Now you’ve moved on with your life and evolved as a person. That initial style might not work for you anymore but we all tend to want to hold onto things that spark good feelings. So here we are with a closet full of teenage clothing. Yeah it was cool once, but now you are doing adult things like job interviews and meetings (groan, I’m such a millennial). If the clothes made you feel good once but do the opposite now, is there really a point to keeping them around? I am not saying that you should abandon every thing that makes you unique. I’m saying that you should allow it to grow and evolve with you.  Maybe it’s time to donate a little angst to your local thrift shop.

The One Day’s

We’ve all seen someone wearing and item that looked great on them. Next we convince ourselves that despite being a completely different person, we will look just like they do wearing said item. This leads to buying it, trying it on and realizing that it just doesn’t work for you. But maybe one day it will, right? Clinging onto this false hope that when the stars are aligned perfectly you will throw it on and the world will go silent in your total awesomeness. Online purchases also fall into this category. You know those 3 am benders loading up your virtual cart with clothes. They might not be as great in person, and you might even end up hating how they look. For some reason however it becomes our duty to make it work somehow. If we fill our closet with stuff for that ‘one day’ then how will we dress ourselves for you know, today? Base your wardrobe with your current self in mind, not the future you who may or may not lose 10 pounds.

The Once Was’

The final category contains the clothes that you absolutely loved and wore to the ground. I’m talking about the tattered, the frayed and the holy. Your favourite shirt once looked amazing but now it’s too beat up to be taken seriously, so it gets ignored. Since we loved these pieces so much it’s hard to imagine parting with them even though you can’t even wear them anymore. Usually these pieces become at-home lounge clothes. This is OK, but if all your favourites become ‘comfy clothes’ until they literally disintegrate, then the collection will just continue to grow. Retiring these items could help de-clutter your closet. Besides, who says our comfy clothes have to be old and tattered?



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