3 Ways To Ease Your Post Long Weekend Anxiety

Long weekend stuff

Long weekends are all fun and games until it’s over and you are left exhausted and stressed out. The transitions back into everyday life likes to serve it with a side of anxiety.

Put On Some Background Noise

The change from a constant presence of friends and family to being alone is usually a big cause for my post-fun anxiety. Don’t get me wrong I love hanging out by myself, I just can’t stand the silence sometimes. To cure this I like to put on an easy show, an audiobook or a good podcast to keep me company (you do what you can when you live alone ok?). Make sure you do this as soon as all your company pulls out of the driveway to keep yourself from wallowing in your loneliness.

Clean Up All the Evidence

The fun has ended so it’s not a bad idea to eliminate all evidence of a good time or you will be constantly reminded that your regular mundane life has resumed. Do a load of laundry, clean out your bag, and for heaven’s sake make sure everything is unpacked and put back into its regular place or it will get put off. Once everything is in order light a yummy candle or load up you oil diffuser. You will thank yourself when you wake up for work to a nice, clean house.

Pamper Yourself

Correct me if I am wrong, but it’s highly likely that you were having too much fun to keep your regular skincare routine in check (but honestly kudos to you if you did). Hydrate your quenched body with some herbal tea, slap on that face mask you always seem to save for a special occasion and soak in the bath with extra Epsom salts to ease your sun-kissed skin. Exfoliate all the evidence of the weekend off, and cover yourself split ends to calloused toes in your favourite oil. I promise you this alone will boost your mood and melt the anxiety away leaving you refreshed.




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