5 Reasons Why you Should be Using Wool Dryer Balls in your Laundry Routine

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clothes in a basket with wool laundry balls and essential oils

After sitting down and having a ‘Big New Year Think’ about my lifestyle choices, I realized that my laundry habits were probably not as fine-tuned as they should be. Not only was I constantly shopping for disposable laundry products, I was carelessly filling up my little laundry trash bin a few times a week! After some research, it came down to 2 solutions:

  1. Dry your laundry outside on a line
  2. Start using wool laundry balls

I live in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and as I type this it is -20 degrees Celcius out. If I were to go with option 1, not only would I be dealing with sock-scicles, I don’t even have space on my small apartment patio to hang a line. This left me with wool dryer balls, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Here are 5 reasons why you should also convert to wool dryer balls:

clothes in a basket with wool laundry balls

Cut Down on Costs

When you use wool dryer balls, you can eliminate both fabric softener and fabric sheets from your shopping list. On top of that, they will last you a good, long time – usually up to 1000 loads per ball. There are tons of great choices out there when it comes to purchasing the dryer balls. I went with a brand called Woolzies who are environmentally responsible, and cruelty-free. I got a pack of 6 XL ones off of Amazon and have been very pleased with them.

No Harmful Chemicals

Dryer sheets and fabric softeners are jam-packed with chemicals and additives. Not only do they gunk up the environment, but they are even more terrible for you – especially if you suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin. By using the wool dryer balls, you cut out all of those harsh chemicals that are so up-close-and-personal in your daily life. Still craving nicely scented laundry? When your drying load is finished, take the balls out, add a couple drops of 100% natural essential oils and put them back in for 5 more minutes. Your laundry will be smelling pleasant without all the unnecessary, toxic sheet (get it?).

healing hollow lemongrass essential oil bottle next to wool dryer balls

Reduce Your Energy Bill

Wool dryer balls can cut your drying time down significantly, which means less energy consumption for you. How? When you put in a load of wet clothes into your dryer, everything will clump together and flop around. Dryer balls will get in between and separate everything – allowing hot air to move around your clothes more efficiently. The wool also helps to absorb moisture in the process, leaving you with dryer laundry quicker.

Make Your Clothes Fluffy

When wool dryer balls bounce around in your load of laundry, they are agitating the fibres which in turn makes your clothes come out light and fluffy. Although it doesn’t eliminate the static completely, dryer balls can help reduce it greatly simply by not over-drying your clothes. For clothes that need to be hung up, I like to throw them in with the balls for 5-10 minutes on low heat just to fluff them up a little.

Save Your Towels

Did you know that fabric softener is actually ruining your towels? By using it in your everyday laundry it reduces your towels absorbancy… which defeats the purpose of their existence in your home. By switching to dryer balls, you can keep your towels fluffy and useful for longer.

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