How 5 Strainers Launched Me Towards a Minimal Lifestyle

Minimal Collection

I think I noticed that one of my kitchen cupboards wasn’t closing properly last summer, but it wasn’t enough to bother me. How long had I been nudging it a little extra to keep the door shut? I couldn’t tell you. It was around that time that I stumbled across the idea of a minimal lifestyle – someone had recommended a podcast to me. It sounded like a nice, calm and collected way to live your life, but it was only for people who were messy right? I mean it’s not like I like I was weaving through massive piles of debris and hoarded items. I make my bed in the morning, tidy the clutter everyday and scrub my entire apartment every Saturday. It’s not like I even had a ton of money to spend on large amounts of things anyway, I was basically living minimal already. Right?

Fast forward to one of those Cleaning Saturdays. My partner and I were in the kitchen of my one bedroom apartment figuring out who was going to clean what.  He says “Hey, you know this cupboard doesn’t close all the way right?” Yes I know, just give an extra nudge for f*ks sake. He then opens it up and says “What is even in here?” Pots and pans, baking trays, bowls I don’t know it’s a cupboard in a kitchen why is this even a conversation. Next he starts pulling out all the contents of the cupboard while I put the dishes from the washer away.

Why do you have 5 strainers?

I don’t have 5 strainers, I have one for pasta and veggies and a small one for… well small things.  He shows me the 5 strainers;

  • 2 plastic strainers
  • 2 identical metal strainers
  • and the small one for small things

I couldn’t think of any logical reason to justify my collection  of straining devices, but I immediately shift my focus to my tupper-ware drawer. And then my mugs. And then my linen closet. Where did all this stuff come from?

The Plan to Live With Less

Although the amount was a shocking realization, the idea that I wasn’t even aware of these items freaked me out. If I didn’t even know I had 5 strainers, what other crap is accumulating behind closed doors that need an extra nudge? It was then that I understood the importance of being aware and conscious of your items. Boy I wanted that. I decided it was time to organize, de-clutter and start living more consciously with less. Since then, I have explored the minimal lifestyle and I am loving it.


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